By Mel Keegan,Jayne DeMarco

ISBN-10: 098723286X

ISBN-13: 9780987232861

The yr is 2190, and the 1st starship of Earth, the Gilgamesh, is plying among the homeworlds and the recent international of Eidolon, a five-year flight at near-lightspeed. The "starshippers" were idolized for plenty of a long time, because the first touchdown on Eidolon. they're "augmented" people ... they have been converted for the paintings and for the recent global. the general public has envied them and emulated them -- and maybe they've been emulated an excessive amount of, too usually.

Eventually, maybe unavoidably, a political circulation has started again on the earth. Calling itself The natural mild, its crusade is to "Keep Humanity Human" ... to stem the tide of the genetic amendment that used to be gradually remaking people into increasingly more diversified kinds.

Twenty years in the past, The natural mild rode into workplace in this price tag, and their regulations have made the augmented people unlawful. they are now classified as borgs, or cyborgs -- synthetic existence types who don't have complete human rights. The extra augmented the person, the fewer rights she or he has, and by the point one is a "fifty" -- one whose physique is fifty percentage transformed -- one is registered, authorized, and control-chipped, within the ownership of the govt, and assigned to the army, or the lab.

It's been greater than two decades because the Gilgamesh cruised into Earth house. At domestic on Eidolon, the staff are loose -- a lot of them have been bred and born there, designed for the hot global and thriving there. Now, they're coming into house the place they're perceived as unwelcome aliens...

And it is the activity of Civil consultant Adrian Balfour to trip out to Titan relevant, meet Captain Dirk Vanderhoven and his govt Officer, Jason Erickson, and tell them that the workforce of the Gilgamesh is to be taken into custody -- registered, approved, control-chipped, and reassigned for the battlefield, the mines, the lab.

But Adrian is nursing a mystery time table of his personal, and every little thing in his cosmos adjustments the instant he units eyes on younger Jason Erickson. nearly earlier than he understands what he is doing, he is mendacity to the Titan vital commander and existence is determined to turn into a race opposed to time.

Because Adrian is a "twenty," and unwelcome even at domestic, whereas one of the fifties of the starshipper workforce he is revered, loved -- and wanted by means of at the very least one in every of them. Romance explodes among Adrian and Jason, white-hot and jam-packed with the piquancy of exploration, as Adrian discovers how the people of Eidolon are diversified in each manner from the Earthborns, so much of all of their sensuality.

For Adrian, the subsequent days are serious. he will be "tested" by means of the massive, appealing fifty with whom he is fallen deeply in love, and he will chance every thing within the determined try and get the Gilgamesh out of Earth area ahead of warships can run her down, and The natural mild will flip starshippers into control-chipped drones.

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