By Robin Tracy Orme-Height

ISBN-10: 1448637740

ISBN-13: 9781448637744

This bookis approximately seeing throughout the illusions we persuade ourselves are real, permitting our fact to develop into our truth delivering us with objective and liberating us from the oppresion of the ego. it truly is concerning the 'absolute spirit'. The souls expression is natural and holy for that reason it can't lie or decieve. it's our human situation that permits the ego to aim and overide the souls easy function. Our challenege during this actual situation is to regulate the ego combating it from obstructing your trip the following with self-centered goals aloowing you to stay your lifestyles freed from decisions, anger, and hatred whereas having fun with a cheerful, peaceable and serene life figuring out and residing your 'truth'.

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By Beverley Bright Star

ISBN-10: 1622330013

ISBN-13: 9781622330010

"It is our honest wish that this e-book will mark a turning aspect within the non secular evolution of this planet and its recovery to the galactic lineage of countries to that you belong. Make no mistake, this publication has the ability to alter lives -- and Earth historical past, in the event you will enable it!"

-- The Sirian Council of 12 via Beverley shiny Star

Familial Integrity is a chain of various, fascinating tales designed to liberate hidden pathways in the reader to reawaken historic wisdom buried deep in the staff cognizance of humanity. those tales discover extensive the idea that of familial integrity, the ethical origin for the population of many different complicated planets and better dimensions. this concept doesn't restrict itself to the conventionally conceived family, yet as a substitute promotes concord in the complete Earth kinfolk. if you learn how to see all of humanity as your brothers and sisters, you could not permit someone starve or deny them enough foodstuff or housing. you can't cheat, lie, and scouse borrow from a person -- not to mention kill them -- in the event you absolutely recognize them as your personal flesh and blood, the relatives they honestly are.

This booklet outlines the required adjustments that humankind needs to make for the arriving new age in functional ways in which will be utilized in our day-by-day lives. while the rules of familial integrity are generally authorised, they'll function a catalyst for worldwide swap between contributors and international locations, bringing balance, peace, and like to the complete planet.

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By Emanuela Herz

ISBN-10: 3745056914

ISBN-13: 9783745056914

Sakralchakras: Anzahl der Blütenblätter: sechs Farbe: Orange Mantra: VAM point: Wasser Grundsymbol: Mondsichel Planet: Venus Sinnesfunktion: Schmecken Zentrale Themen: Sexualität, Sinnlichkeit, Fortpflanzung, Kreativität, schöpferische Lebensenergie confirmation: " Ich genieße das Leben mit allen Sinnen" Lage und körperlicher Einfluss des Sakralchakra
eigenen Körper sind auf ein starkes Sakralchakra zurückzuführen. Aufbau des Sakralchakras: Anzahl der Blütenblätter: sechs Farbe: Orange Mantra: VAM aspect: Wasser Grundsymbol: Mondsichel Planet: Venus Sinnesfunktion: Schmecken Zentrale Themen: Sexualität, Sinnlichkeit, Fortpflanzung, Kreativität, schöpferische Lebensenergie confirmation: " Ich genieße das Leben"
Anzahl der Blütenblätter: Zehn Farbe; Gelb, Goldgelb Mantra: RAM point: Feuer Grundsymbol: Dreieck Planet: Mars Sinnesfunktion: Sehen Zentrale Themen: Willenskaft, Mentales Denken, Selbstvertrauen, Entwicklung des Ich, Selbstsicherheit, Gefühle, Sensibilität, Macht, Durchsetzungskraft confirmation: " Ich vertraue meinen Gefühlen und Spiritualität"

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By Maximillien de Lafayette

ISBN-10: 0557742110

ISBN-13: 9780557742110

The e-book includes:
1.Atabukha “Darja”. different types, sessions and degrees of the Anunnai Ulema.
a-The Noubahari “Noubarim”, “Noubari”, “Noubaha’;
b-The Mou-Na.rin “Mounawariin”, “M’Noura-Iin”;
c-The Gayir-Mirayin “Gayrmirayim”;
d-The Ari-Siin “Arishim”.
e-History of the Anunnaki Ulema (Knights of St John of Malta, The Templars, The clever males of Arwad, and Hiram-Grand Orient Masonic Rites’ members)
f- The Emim have been a gaggle of the Anunnaki “Fallen Angels”, and participants of a tribe which challenged the authority of Anu on the earth. They have been vast, and terribly powerful. The Emim have been feared by way of the Phoenicians and the Hebrews. based on the Anunnaki-Ulema, the Emim have been the 1st extraterrestrials to shape-shift.
2.Ay’inbet: the higher classification of the Anunnaki is governed through Baalshalimroot. His matters are referred to as “Shtaroout-Hxall Ain”, (Shtatroot Kha-Ayn” which means the population of the home of data, or Tthose who see clearly.” Their eyes are usually not just like people’ eyes, as the Anunnaki wouldn't have a retina. Their actual eyes are used to understand dimensional items. whereas their “inner eye” sees multi-dimensional spheres. the method is created through the brain.
3.Gizzidu-ra: Gizzidu-ra is a bankruptcy within the e-book of Ramadosh, and is the reason our religions hyperlink to the Anunnaki, and describes the qualities of the Anunnaki gods and goddesses. The bankruptcy tells us that every little thing begun with the Anunnaki who've created in the world, religions, priesthood hierarchy, and worship rituals.
4.Hugari-Darja and the composition of the 3 worlds or universes: Hugari-Darja is an expression concerning the 3rd point of an Anunnaki-Ulema’s education. extra accurately, it's the code or the identify given to the Anunnaki-Ulema “Third measure of Initiation.” primarily, it's an orientation application resulting in the activation of the “Conduit”, this enigmatic invisible mobile genetically created by way of the Anunnaki, and put in within the brains of early people at first of time. The Conduit, as soon as activated can produce supernatural powers and schools. A pupil who has accomplished the Hugari-Darja turns into in a position to getting to know striking deeds, reminiscent of, to call a couple of, teleportation, materialization, dematerialization, levitation, telekinesis, cells’ self-reproduction, getting into a parallel measurement, examining others’ concepts, so on.
5.Huina-Ta’h-Ra: All Anunnaki scholars are required to purify their our bodies earlier than beginning their process reviews, fairly the 1st level, known as “Mental Cleansing”. this is able to have prompted an old culture created by means of the Jewish scribes, when you consider that earliest instances, who needed to purify their physique prior to including the identify of God into the Torah.
7.Kah-Doshar-Ra: it really is an adjective attributed to “Students of the holy strength or resource of life.” Kah-Doshar-Ra is the second one part of an Anunnaki’s school room, and its code is ‘18.’ This part has eighteen rows, each one seating one apprentice. it truly is reserved to mid-level Anunnaki’s scholars. In Freemasonry, it really is the exact same factor; mid-level freemasons obtain the measure ’18.’ With them, Kah-Doshar-Ra grew to become Kadosh. Many Semitic and old close to East-Middle East languages have a note very like it.
8.Nephilim (As Fallen Angels).
9.Rafaat’h. Anunnaki, Phoenicians, and the idea that of God.
10.Rephaim or Rpum. The Rephaim within the Bible.
11.Satana-il, “Shaytan”.
12.Various meanings in several old texts and religions.
13.Angels of God within the Judeo-Christian scriptures and historic religions.
16.Rekh-get-Amen, and the Anunnaki-Ulema amazing deeds/faculties.
17.Unusual deeds of the Anunnaki-Ulema.
18.Anunnaki-Ulema, Grand grasp Li.
19.Anunnaki-Ulema Cheik Al Huseini.
20.Anunnaki-Ulema Rabbi Mordechai.
21.Stories concerning the Anunnaki-Ulema.
22.Master Li calming down a cobra on the street of Benares.
23.Making a poultry from paper.
24.Master Li feeding the fish and birds with nutrition that got here from nowhere.
25.The Tuareg and the magic

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By Van Benson

ISBN-10: 1518887805

ISBN-13: 9781518887802

Making awake judgements! From existence trainer and writer Van Benson, the nation's new chief within the technological know-how of top functionality, indicates you his greatest innovations and methods for studying your feelings, your relationships, your funds, and your lifestyles. The stated specialist within the psychology of change,Van Benson offers a step by step software educating the elemental classes of self-mastery that might aid you become aware of your actual goal, take keep an eye on of your lifestyles, and harness the forces that form your destiny.

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By Sandra Dawes

ISBN-10: 1452585172

ISBN-13: 9781452585178

ISBN-10: 1452585199

ISBN-13: 9781452585192

Sandra Dawes stocks her tale of ways her father’s dying impacted her existence and commenced her trip of self-discovery and self-awareness. The lack of her father magnified all the parts of her lifestyles that she had overlooked. After years of self-pity, anger, and resentment, Sandra grew uninterested in residing a mediocre lifestyles and started the paintings to make adjustments. the teachings discovered in addition to counsel and instruments to assist the reader along with his or her personal demanding situations are the foundation of every bankruptcy. despite what has occurred long ago, it's consistently attainable to include your future and stay the existence you deserve!

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By Satyam Nadeen,Jürgen Dünnebier

ISBN-10: 3933496357

ISBN-13: 9783933496355

Der Erleuchtung ist es egal, wo guy sie erlangt...
...und wenn es in einem Hochsicherheitsgefängnis in den united states ist.

Aus seiner Gefängniszelle - in der dieses Buch entstand - schickt Satyam Nadeen einen lauten, forschen Weckruf, der wie eine Trompete klingt und manchmal sogar wie ein Ghettoblaster: »Wacht auf in die Freiheit!«. Sehnen wir uns nicht alle nach ihr? Nadeen ist ihr an dem vielleicht unwahrscheinlichsten Ort begegnet. Sie hat ihn ergriffen und seitdem nicht mehr verlassen. Seine Geschichte klingt wie eine typische New Age Erfolgsstory, wie die Geschichte einer umfassenden Suche, Selbsterfahrung, und Selbsterkenntnis.
Hier nur ein paar Stichworte: Examen in Philosophie, Theologiestudium, Psychotherapie, Hatha Yoga, Zen, Meditation, Workshops, experts, Esalen, Rajneeshpuram, Retreats, Drogen - eine wilde bunte Reise, die nach vierzig Jahren abrupt vor einer Gefängnismauer endete. Von Innen. cease! »Und damit«, sagt Nadeen, »kommen wir zur section des Erwachens.«
Er liest die Advaita-Meister, besonders Ramana Maharshi und Ramesh Balsekar und lässt sich nur noch von der Frage »Wer bin ich?« leiten - an einem Ort, wo alles, used to be er je für sich gehalten hatte, abrupt nicht mehr gültig ist. Er erkennt sich als »reine Perle des Bewusstseins«, die mit den Zwiebel-Schichten der Konditionierung überdeckt conflict. Aus dem Blickpunkt der Quelle, wie er es nennt, oder des Tao schaut er nun mit Perlensicht auf seine Zelle und sieht nur noch Freiheit.

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By Eleni Kelakos

ISBN-10: 0981688217

ISBN-13: 9780981688213

"You've been pondering creating a switch. might be it is a occupation switch, a dating switch, or simply a transformation in the way you deal with your self. issues are going ok, yet you have a nagging feeling issues might be better.

When's the final time you stopped to contemplate what will get you actually excited? approximately what you are presupposed to do in lifestyles? approximately how one can definitely impact others or create a better impression together with your time, abilities and skills?

Eleni Kelakos has been the place you're. She is familiar with what it feels to wish your existence and paintings to mirror who you actually are. She is familiar with how nice lifestyles will be if you develop into the individual you have been born to be.

Give your self permission to be every little thing you'll be and to prevent taking part in small. there is just one you, and you are the just one who grants precisely what you'll want to provide. cease sitting on life's sidelines. Get this e-book and skim it. do not placed it at the shelf. as a substitute, enjoy the insights Eleni deals, then use them. existence awaits. enable your center sing, and contact the Sky!"

-- From the again conceal of contact the Sky: locate Your Voice, converse Your fact, Make Your Mark

Half memoir, part advisor to constructing one's bright, genuine self, contact the Sky chronicles Eleni Kelakos' trip in the direction of self-acceptance from her early years as a suffering actress in long island and la, to her present paintings as a profitable presentation trainer, coach and motivational speaker. Eleni helps and illustrates contact the Sky's center philosophies and classes via case reviews culled from her hands-on paintings with training consumers. every one bankruptcy ends with a piece of urged artistic workouts designed to aid the reader follow the explicit classes to her personal lifestyles, so one can finally locate their voice, communicate their fact and make their mark at the international round then.

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By Ron W. Rathbun

ISBN-10: 0964351951

ISBN-13: 9780964351950

ISBN-10: 0984160817

ISBN-13: 9780984160815

it truly is ideas of affection that educate us to fly; it's nervous techniques that weight us down. the place are your suggestions extra frequently. The deep charges during this ebook are approximately self-reflection. they carry you into your heart.

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